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Salle Orchards Gourmet Walnuts


Salle Orchards offers Chandler walnuts, a premium English walnut.  While very light in color, it has a sub-acid content resulting in a lighter, sweeter taste with little to NO bitterness. For those of you who have a sensitivity or seem to experience a "tingling" sensation or  "sores" in your mouth from eating walnuts, this is the walnut for you!    Most reactions are a result from the high acidity level found in traditional walnuts.  With the sub-acid nature of Chandler walnuts, you can enjoy the sweetness and flavor of walnuts without the sensitivity.  

New 2013 Crop Now Available


The Chandler walnut has an exceptionally thin shell, making it easier to crack, and yields a higher meat-to-shell ratio. Additionally, you will see more walnut "halves", due to its "paper-like" shell and cracking ability.


Walnuts are great in almost anything...salads, yogurts, oatmeal, on ice cream, and the health benefits are AMAZING!  But if you don't have the time or desire to crack them yourself,  Salle Orchards has you covered.  We offer shelled Chandler walnuts in various sizes. They are ALWAYS fresh; we only sell walnuts from the current season.  So treat yourself to a healthy, tasty snack made simple.


Walnuts are a  SUPER FOOD and have tons of health benefits.

Walnuts are high in protein and
Omega oils.

New studies show walnuts help prevent Alzheimer's and other brain related ailments.

To improve brain function, eat 5 walnut halves a day.

Walnuts are harvested ONCE a year, usually in late fall (October-November).

Walnuts will stay fresh, in the shell for about 1 year.

For best results, store in a air tight container.

Walnuts can stay fresh for up to
2 years in the freezer.

Walnuts never actually freeze because of their oil enriched make up.  They can be used immediately out of the freezer; no down time to thaw.

Walnuts go
with temperature fluctuations.  For long lasting results, store somewhere with a consistent temperature like the refrigerator.



If you're looking for a special treat, or something to jazz up the norm, Salle Orchards has a large selection of various flavored Chandler walnuts.  Each has a unique flavor, but that doesn't make it any easier choosing; there isn't a bad one in the bunch.  Processed in a certified kitchen, each variety is a family recipe perfected over time and made with all natural ingredients. The following is a list with a brief description of our various flavored walnuts:
  • Natural Glazed:  Our other lightly coated, slightly sweet walnut. It too is great for salads, but has a sweeter taste similar to kettle corn.
  • Honey Roast:  This is great for those who crave a sweet and salty snack.  It is similar to a beer nut or a cashew and it seems to be a gentleman's favorite.
  • Limited Supply - Dark Chocolate:  Let's be honest, this is more about the dark chocolate than the walnut, but nevertheless, it is AMAZING!  You don't want to miss out on this one.  Due to its delicate nature, this product can only be carried during the holidays (November - February).
  • SOLD OUT! Sesame Glazed:  Our most popular; the Sesame Glazed is a lightly coated, slightly sweet and crunchy.  It is perfect for salads, won't get tacky in the salad dressing.  The sesame enhances the flavor without it being overwhelming.
  • SOLD OUT! Orange Honey:  This is a well coated, very sweet walnut.  It has a mild orange flavor and if excellent in oatmeal and yogurt.  For a special treat, serve over a fine vanilla ice cream or over a nice New Year Cheesecake.
  • SOLD OUT! Cinnamon Honey:  A sweet, well coated walnut with a strong cinnamon flavor.  Perfect for hot oatmeal, muffins, and ice cream.  For a decadent treat, sprinkle on brownies before baking.
  • SOLD OUT! Lemon Honey:  This special walnut is a kid's favorite and a parent's dream come true.  It has a flavor similar to Fruity Pebbles Cereal, but with the health benefits of walnuts and can be used in place of the Orange Honey or Cinnamon Honey walnuts.
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